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A medial pandemic


Since I started writing about the Corona pandemic, more and more people have started protesting the shams that are inadvertently peddled by media.

Doctors in many countries have written and/or signed protest lists. Sometimes there are a few signatures sometimes hundreds. These protests may focus on different issues but all lead to the same conclusion: The measures taken during the pandemic have had no basis either in scientific research or in proven medical practice.

I am sure a lot of books will be written on this topic in the future. The first book to my knowledge was published in Germany in June 2020. It was Corona, False Alarm?, Facts and FiguresKarina Reiss Ph.D.Sucharit Bhakdi MD. It sold 200,000 copies and 75,000 e-books in six weeks on the German market.

The authors are well-qualified professors in the subject and the book went up as number one on the bestseller list on and on Der Spiegels’ bestseller list. I will not review the book but will confine myself to saying that it is worth reading, especially for those who are tired of dramatized war headlines in the media. And for those who have not accepted the main narrative and want some comfort in not being alone.

Now that the international debate has started, I will write less but still try to keep an eye on certain issues, such as why so many people wear masks even though there is little evidence that masks do any good, why governments implement lockdown, closures and quarantine even though research shows it is of little use and possibly harmful, that the scare of a second wave is intimidation propaganda without scientific evidence, about the medicines and therapies that help against influenza and has helped against ”COVID” / ”Corona” and why they have not been used in some countries, how the mix up of virus and disease has confused the debate, how it came about that the WHO introduced changes in the death certificates before the pandemic, what is the relationship between infection tracing, testing, the spread of infection and the increase in reported Corona cases and what the reason is that media passes on one, actually quite obvious, falsification after the other. Finally, I plan a summary of what I learned since I first published a video when I was as scared as everyone else . Then I wanted to inform about cures for the then so dreaded disease COVID-19 – to those who were in risk of dying.

For those who want to get to grips with the issue more quickly, I have chosen to recommend, although I do not share all their views, two, in my opinion, trustworthy blogs. There are, of course, many more.

In English: Robert F Kennedy Jr., John Kennedy’s nephew, environmentalist lawyer and partner in law firms Morgan & Morgan PA and Kennedy & Madonna, LLP,

In Swedish: Lars Bern, well-known industry profile, Doctor of Technology, former CEO of Swedish Methanol Development (Volvo), Steam Boiler Association, Incentive and IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and member of the Swedish Academy of Sciences’ Environmental Committee (1994-1996).