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Can we stop the Corona Panic?


As the Corona pandemic began to subside this summer, WHO sent out a message to all countries in the world: test, test. test!

There were countries like Tanzania that decided to refrain from testing. There were countries that were bad at testing. There were countries like Sweden that were slow and there were countries that followed the advice energetically.

The result was in any case that more and more people in the world were reported to have tested positive for the SARS CoV2 virus. This is called the ”second wave” of the Corona Pandemic buy media.

That a person tests positive for SARS CoV2 does not mean that he or she becomes ill. Some people do not notice the infection. Most people do not get sick. Some people get cold symptoms. A few get the flu and, in the worst case, serious lung problems. All are lumped together as Cases in the statistics.

A consequence of the second wave is that more deaths are registered as COVID-19. To die of COVID-19 means, according to the WHO definition, which came in February 2020, to die after testing positive for SARS CoV2 or with a suspected SARS Cov2 infection.

What the real cause of death is, and to what extent the virus has contributed to the disease and death, will be a question that science will need to investigate in the future.

The confusion is great. Below are some simple definitions. Media must sort out these concepts. That would reduce the panic.

Corona case: The person has tested positive for the new virus SARS CoV2 or is suspected to be positive

Corona cases increase: More people test positive or are suspected to be positive

Confirmed COVID-19: A person who is ill has tested positive for the SARS CoV2 virus

Deaths in COVID-19 are increasing. More people have tested positive before or after their death or are suspected to be positive