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Adverse effects of the corona vaccines in Sweden


Adverse effects

Up to and including 2021-12-15, a total of 88,650 reports of suspected adverse effects have been received and registered with the Medical Products Agency for the vaccines used against Covid-19 in Sweden.

The tables below show the number of doses given and the number of registered reports of suspected adverse effects for the three vaccines used in Sweden.

Long term adverse effects

The tables show the immediate adverse effects. The possible long-term adverse effects are currently being debated among researchers, but in practice we know nothing about them yet.

Serious adverse effects

To date, 8,257 serious adverse effects have been reported in Sweden. A report is considered serious if the suspected adverse effect is one that, leads to death, is life-threatening, necessitates hospital care or extended hospital care, leads to disability, causes malformation or is another medically important event.


International studies have shown great underreporting of adverse effects of vaccines. In Sweden when media report about adverse effects they always add an interview with a government representative who says that it is not possible to trace the adverse effect directly to the vaccine. It can therefore be assumed that there is under-reporting in Sweden as well.

Deaths are also registered by the Medical Products Agency

The tables below show the number of reports per age group where deaths are stated as the outcome of the suspected adverse effect. These reports are also included in the tables above.

"The Medical Products Agency cannot say with certainty how many people actually died due to the vaccinations. We can only reproduce how many reports have been received where the patient is said to have died. The reported deaths may be related to the suspected vaccines in question, but they may also be due to the patient's possible other illnesses, other drugs that the patient is using, or other factors."

Total number of deaths reported to be caused by the COVID-vaccines in Sweden 

The total number of deaths registered under adverse effects of vaccination against COVID-19 in Sweden is 343. As the Medical Products Agency writes, one cannot be completely sure that each individual death can be linked to the vaccine's impact.  On the other hand, it is known that many authorities and doctors are reluctant to list drugs or vaccines as the cause of death.You can never know how large the underreporting is, but previous research has shown that it can be significant.