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Could vaccination cause death?


The draft to this post was written to show that the vaccines did not protect well enough against COVID-19 deaths.With the reports now coming in, including from the UK, it seems that in some cases it may be  the vaccines themselves that are causing the deaths.

Eight deceased with covid-19 in a nursing home in Överkalix - seven vaccinated

2021-09-22, SVT, (Swedish Television)

Earlier in the day, Norrbotten's infection control doctor Anders Nystedt told that three people died with covid-19 at a nursing home in Överkalix. Now the municipality says that there are more.

"Unfortunately, eight of them have died," announces Anna Widén, communicator in Överkalix municipality, in a press release.

The municipality confirms that the covid infection remains in special housing for the elderly in Överkalix. Since the first established case on the third of September, 17 inhabitants have been found infected.

- Eight of them have unfortunately died ...

Seven oof the deceased were fully vaccinated

According to Anders Nystedt, seven of the eight deceased were vaccinated, and the municipality says that only one of the 17 infected users refused covid vaccine. They are said to have received two jabs.

Three vaccinated people in nursing homes received covid-19 and are now dead

April 8, 2021, Läkartidningen

Five elderly people and two staff members were infected by covid-19 at the Solgården nursing home in Klågerup, Svedala municipality, before Easter. Now, three of the elderly are dead despite being fully vaccinated with Pfizer's vaccine.

The question is whether the deaths are despite the vaccines or because of the vaccines. When the first vaccine-related deaths were reported in the media in January 2021, those responsible in Norway were clear that the deaths were caused by the vaccines but have been forced to back down some later.

There are no statistics yet on the adverse effects of the vaccines, neither in Sweden nor internationally.

There are constant reports of deaths in connection with vaccination. But this rarely reaches the international media. If it ever reaches the national media, it must always be with a comment from an “virus celebrity” that you cannot be sure of the causal link, which of course is true.

Now, however, the statistics are starting to show that, in many countries, there is greater excess mortality in 2021 than there was in 2020. This may be because the vaccines today cause more deaths than the virus did. Several authorities have now begun to investigate this. What can be investigated is if deaths are increasing more in fully vaccinated countries than in others. That will not prove a causal relationship between vaccines and death but would motivate further research.