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Swedish healthcare managers keep whining in the media


Well-paid Swedish healthcare managers are more than happy to put up a show in the media upsetting children and elderly with scary tales about Corona.


Excess mortality among the elderly during spring 2020

The excess mortality this spring 2020 is very well explained by the National Board of Health and Welfare's excellently honest report on the chronic neglect of recent years in most of our old people's homes. It is due to greed, not Corona. Unfortunately, it has not been translated from Swedish. But here you can find some excerpts.  and here is the full report

Rumor has it that the death rate was amplified by the fact that panicked doctors prescribed palliative care for the elderly who had been diagnosed via mobile. (That diagnoses were and are being made via mobile is, however, confirmed.)


Excess mortality among other patients during fall 2020

The excess mortality this autumn 2020 is more than explained by the “care debt” that arose during the superfluous panic this spring. 

Many people have died of heart attacks, strokes, infections and cancer because they were not admitted to hospitals or did not dare to go to their doctor because they were afraid of becoming infected or of infecting others. 

The bottlenecks in Swedish healthcare have been there for a long time. I myself had two friends who recently died because planned operations were postponed at New Karolinska. That was due to penny-pinching, not Corona. 


Shape up

A healthcare manager must fight for the patients. Effectiveness must be considered in medical terms not in cost reduction.