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The number of deaths in COVID-19 is steadily declining in Sweden in spite of continued spread of infection.


Today, April 15, 2021, there are reports in media of increasing spread of infection. In Sweden. But why not look at the deaths in COVID-19?

During the last month, the deaths were 533. In January there were 2864. During the last week there have been 123 deaths. During the worst week, 10 Jan - 16 Jan 2021, there were 890. Today’s daily count is 26 deaths. On 20 January there were 474.

During the last month, there have been 80 percent fewer deaths than in January. During the last week, there have been 86 percent fewer deaths than during the worst week in January. The last daily count is 95 percent lower than during the worst day in January. (All figures above refer to deaths that are designated as COVID-19.)

Like all figures related to COVID-19, these figures are not exact. But surely, they could have motivated some “good news” from authorities and the media. Especially as the same statistics also show that the spread of daily infection "today” has decreased by 76 percent compared to the worst day which was December 29, 2020.

Source:  accessed April 10, 2021. 

One might think that the reduced number of deaths has to do with vaccination against the virus, but that cannot be the full explanation for the substantial change since only 6 percent (a) of the deaths in COVID-19 are directly caused by the virus. 


Despite today's warnings of continued spread of infection, not everyone seems to care.

Skånegatan, Stockholm April 11 2021

The media warns daily about the spread of infection but does not mention that deaths are few.