Don't be scared

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The scare mongers switch from vaccine mongering to warmongering


Heard on the bus…
- There will be a war with Russia!
- Don’t be ridiculous! Why would Russia want a war?
- Nobody wants a war, but it is the only way out from the COVID-dilemma for Biden, Johnson, Trudeau, Macron, and the others who keep mandating vaccines
- But the virus cannot be the reason to start a war!!!
- Not the virus, but the loss of face and the growing internal protests and unrest.
- Have not seen much of that!
- But check videos on social media, you’ll see.
- Hope you are wrong… 

General assessment
There is probably a way out of this for the US and its allies. If the Russians don’t start the war, which is the probable scenario, they can just say: “Yes, you can say we were wrong, but it was actually our vigilance that stopped the Russians from going to war.”

The Swedish dilemma
Sweden is situated right between two of the greatest military build-ups in the world. NATO’s in the North Sea and Russia’s in the Leningrad /Kola districts.  Although Sweden claims to be neutral, all of our fairly strong air defence is set up solely as a protection against Russia. In order to be able to battle NATO, Russia would have to eradicate the Swedish air defence first.  The Swedish government now urges Swedish citizens to leave Ukraine but if they were really serious about the situation, they should urge us citizens to leave Sweden, or at least check out our bomb shelters.