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Separate Worlds

1 August 2021

Australia 2021-07-31


"Even in Australia's third largest city, Brisbane, restrictions are being introduced after six new cases of infection were registered on Saturday” … is a news release from TT / Reuter that is spread all over the world.

This means restrictions after six people have tested positive. It does not say that anyone has become ill. It does not say that anyone died.

Source: Aftonbladet.

Around 1,000 police are to prevent new corona protests in Sydney. AP / TT

However, according to statistics, Australia is very slightly affected by COVID-19. Learn more:

Sweden 2021-07-30


"It was so strange, when we first went to the grocery store, we had face masks on, but everyone said you didn't need it," she says. …There are no requirements for face masks here and you are free to go out dancing. - There is no pandemic here ", says Tina Grum from Slovenia.

The Mirtl family comes from Austria: “We fixed our covid certificates, did corona tests and bought a lot of face masks. We came prepared but surprisingly enough we did not need any of it ", says Adrian Mirtl.

"In the beginning, we thought of the pandemic. We used our face masks, but then we stopped when everyone pointed and said "look there is a German, he still has his face mask on", says Alexander Schwandt who is on holiday in Sweden with his family.

Alexander Schwandt, Freidrike Schwandt, Adele Schwandt, Justus Schwandt and Emilia Schwandt are tourists from Germany. Photo: CAROLINA BYRMO. Source.

According to statistics, Sweden is worse affected by COVID-19 than Australia, i.e., more people per capita have tested and still test  positive. What is the difference? Perhaps the Swedes have finally understood that a positive test does not pose a major danger.