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Still no reason for lockdown or panic


The universally recognized source of information about Corona is the John Hopkins Corona Resources Center

It’s always difficult to interpret statistics. The fatality rate has increased slightly in France during the last month, but even 7 dead per 1000 infected is not much higher than for other regularly occurring influenzas and hardly a reason to declare a state of war.

The publicity about the spread of virus starts again – at high speed.

The following quotes come from a single short article in a Swedish newspaper on the 29th of October 2022:

”Corona virus is now spreading faster than before” ”… warns of a dramatic increase” ”spread of covid-19 increases” ”spread of infection has increased dramatically” ”peak” ”new restrictions” ”pull the emergency brake” ”spread of infection remains high” ”confirmed cases ” ” new cases ” ” increased quite considerably ”” faster increase than we had before ”” definitely not good ”” the burden on care is high ”” both hospitals and primary care have a strained situation ”” lack of hospital beds ”” many employees stay at home sick or for care of children ”” reports of coronary heart disease increase ”.

Nowhere in the article is there a mention of the fact that the more you test, the more you find.

Few journalists seem to make a difference anymore between:

1. detect viruses in a test

2. become infected with the virus which requires a large dose of viruses

3. falling ill with COVID-19, which requires both a very large number of virus and an underlying weakness