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There is hope to battle COVID-19 even if the vaccines fail!

2 August 2021

Many who are fully vaccinated now test positive for COVID-19. Obviously, we have not yet found an efficient vaccine for COVID­-19. There are also suspicions that fully vaccinated people who become asymptomatic may unknowingly become worse spreaders than unvaccinated.

We should remember that we never found a vaccine when the AIDS-pandemic developed and still have not found one.

Why? Because neither AIDS nor COVID-19 are simple infectious diseases. Should there be an infection, it usually plays a minor part in the illness and is seldom the cause of death.

A term that has been used much in the description of COVID-19 is comorbidity. When diagnosed with COVID-19 it is usually one or several comorbidities that make hospital care necessary. And it is one or several of the comorbidities that will cause death.

Vaccines have no effect on comorbidities such as heart failure, cancer and a number of other well-known deadly illnesses. So, it is the comorbidities that must be treated. That was the lesson from the AIDS-pandemic and that will be the final lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic.

For AIDS a number of 35 comorbidities were identified – many of them lethal. The situation with COVID-19 is not entirely clarified. But reports from hospitals indicate that lives of many COVID-19 patients are saved, and most patients successfully cured with conventional pharmaceuticals and other known treatments. It therefore makes sense to treat the comorbidities instead of the virus. Many hospitals have already learned what treatments are needed and research on new and improved drugs and methods is intensive.

Therefore, there is hope in battling COVID-19, even if the vaccines fail.

The FDA reached a milestone of approving 1,000 original and supplemental generic drug applications to help in the treatment of patients with COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research prioritized the review of generic drug applications for potential treatments and supportive therapies for patients with COVID-19, such as antibiotics, sedatives used in ventilated patients, anticoagulants, and pulmonary medications.”  (Source: FDA, 2021-06-25). 

In Sweden, these improvements already started in spring 2020 and have since then alleviated symptoms and reduced mortality substantially. This happened long before vaccines were introduced.

Prominent authorities and doctors who appeared in media in Sweden all accepted the initial message from WHO, NIH and FHM that COVID-19 was extremely lethal and that there was no cure. And they seem to stick too it.

Most Swedish doctors, however, listened to their own Hippocratic Oath and started to treat their patients as good as they could with whatever methods they knew to be efficient. This attitude reversed Sweden from a catastrophe to a model as regards COVID-19.