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What are the numbers?


The John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center is the most trusted source of information on COVID-19.

Here we can follow the situation in Sweden day by day:

Today (25 November 2020) you can read that 94 people in Sweden are registered as ”new deaths for COVID-19 in the last day”.

This, of course, looks horrifying and will frighten politicians who have not followed the statistics in recent weeks and noticed that for a long time there were 0 ”new deaths for COVID-19 in the last day”.

We can only hope that an editor does not make the headline. 94  swedes died of Corona during the last day!

As a balancing comparison, we can see that Johns Hopkins registered 559 deaths during the preceding month while the number in the worst month in April was 2569.

However, questions remain. How do they get the numbers so fast? Where do they come from? Are they correct?