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Air pollution exacerbates the Corona epidemic


It has become evident that areas with high levels of air pollution are hit particularly badly. Wuhan is one of these and Lombardy in northern Italy is another. Research also shows that mortality from COVID-19 in the US and Britain is higher in areas with poor air quality. In order to protect ourselves from future virus epidemics, we must reduce air pollution. 

Scarab works to reduce air pollution 

Combustion gases from power stations are purified in a scrubber where contaminations are absorbed by water. The water must then be purified before it can be reused in the process. It is a form of washing system. This purification process is expensive, which means that combustion gas purification gets neglected in many power stations. Working together with KTH Royal Institute of Technology and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Scarab has for many years worked on developing a more efficient and less costly method. Previously in our own laboratories. But during the last three years, our equipment has been tested in a project run jointly by KTH and Stockholm Exergi (Fortum) with support from the Swedish Energy Agency. 92 percent of the scrubber water can be recovered. The estimated product cost for pure condensate can be as low as USD 6 per cubic metre.