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Is vaccination the right way to go?


The vaccines have been developed to stop the SARS CoV-2 virus and, at best, new mutations of this virus. 

The efficiency of the vaccines varies. Even if the vaccines are efficient against the virus, the illness COVID-19 is only marginally caused by the virus.  COVID-19 has mainly other causes.

Of deaths caused by COVID-19, less than ten percent appear to be directly caused by the virus.

Since the virus has such a small causative share in diseases and deaths, the vaccines will have a marginal role in the struggle against COVID-19.

Other measures might be more effective. To improve the immune system to prevent the disease. To use available medicines to cure the disease.

Few of the one thousand drugs that have been under study during the pandemic have yet been approved for use, and few have received special approval - Emergency Use Authorization - as some vaccines have received.