Don't be scared

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New horror stories are created


There is an unusually positive headline in Sweden’s second largest daily, SvD,  today, April 25. 

"Reduction of covid disease on intensive care wards in the country: There is  light in the end of the tunnel".

 That is on page 9. But on page 23, alarmism returns. The same journalist writes "Explosive infection situation in India". Reuters contributes with a completely new type of story for the article in question: "Reuters reported earlier this week that several crematoria have been closed temporarily after the heat from constant cremations began to melt the metal parts of the kilns." and that "rows of funeral fires have been seen in, among other places, parking lots". Both stories can be true. Iron may melt and in India, corpses are often burned on bonfires outdoors, but perhaps not so often on parking lots. 

But what is the real situation in India? 

According to Johns Hopkins, India has had 14 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants compared to Sweden's 135 and Britain's 191. India has a mortality rate of 1.1 percent of all infected. Sweden has 1.5 and the United Kingdom 2.9 percent. 

Johns Hopkins figures may be wrong, but neither Reuters nor SvD have any better figures.