Don't be scared

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Save the Children


The reporting in media about covid-19 causes conflicts between people  and creates fear among many. 

The unclear directives coming from the WHO are not yet substantiated by science but are sent out in a hurry and passed on by all international news agencies and media to be accepted by most governments in the world.

This is dangerous for our children. To constantly hear about the dangers of Covid. To be separated from the elderly and perhaps from other groups of children, be subjected to tests and in the worst-case vaccination are abuses that worry most children and can create lifelong trauma for some. 

The children themselves run no risk in the pandemic but are sacrificed for the common good. "You do not want Grandma to die, right?!" Testing children with a common cold to see if they are suffering from a "life-threatening" disease is not justified. Nor to spread anxiety with the message that unvaccinated people are dangerous people. It is harmful information without support in science. 

Many children may be mentally upset for a long time to come. The Swedish Public Health Agency should now have as its main goal to minimize the damage through spreading scientifically verified and calming information.  For a baby, to see the parents' smile is vital. For the older child, playing with other children is vital. For teenagers, spending time with other teenagers is vital.