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Science can be paralyzed by scaremongering


Humans have many natural defences against viruses. Among the most important are coughing and sneezing.

Even natural breathing gets rid of viruses. All this is essentially stopped if you put on a face mask. Large amounts of viruses remain in the respiratory tract and multiply. An ordinary common cold or flu can develop into pneumonia. You can die from it. Especially if you are put on a ventilator.

Even before the pandemic, public academic research had shown that face masks had little effect in stopping the spread of infection. This has now been further confirmed. A recent meta-study from Cochrane (January 2023) states that there is no proper scientific evidence that face masks reduce the spread of infection.

Cochrane is a global independent network of researchers, health professionals, patients, carers and people generally interested in health issues. We are a non-profit organization with 11,000 members and 68,000 supporters in more than 130 countries. Together we work to produce credible and accessible health information that is free from commercial influence and other conflicts of interest. We do this by compiling scientific overviews that summarize the best available evidence from research to be used to help you make decisions about your own health, in healthcare and in society. Cochrane's work is considered an international benchmark for high-quality, reliable information.

Although pressure from authorities has later caused Cochrane to float the case, the original report is clear:

“Seven studies took place in the community, and two studies in healthcare workers. Compared with wearing no mask, wearing a mask may make little to no difference in how many people caught a flu-like illness (9 studies; 3507 people); and probably makes no difference in how many people have flu confirmed by a laboratory test (6 studies; 3005 people).“

The authorities have recommended something for which they had no scientific evidence, but which worsened the pandemic and probably contributed to a large amount of illness and to many deaths. This was already known at the beginning of the pandemic.

A search for "mask" at shows that there are many who have pointed out the danger of face masks in vain. 

But common sense, humanity and science have been paralyzed by propaganda.