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What do doctors say about vaccinating children?


One of the most important passages in the doctor’s oath is: Primum, non nocere "first of all, do not harm".

No one has so far shown that children can benefit from the vaccines. There is a thinking that one should protect the elderly by vaccinating children, but this is not right according to medical ethics.

Even many parents would probably hesitate to risk the health of their children for the benefit for the elderly. 

There are proposals in Sweden that it should be possible to vaccinate children without either the participation of a doctor or the consent from parents. 

In some parts of the United States, bonuses for vaccination have been introduced for both the child and the parents.

All this becomes absurd when the authorities now have announced that the vaccines do not protect against infection, nor reduce the spread of infection, but are intended to mitigate the course of the disease and reduce the number of deaths. 

How would the children benefit from these vaccines? Or how would the elderly benefit from vaccinating the children?