Don't be scared

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Who is afraid of the Delta?


Media continues to be upset about the Delta-variant and authorities in many countries follow the lead of WHO and CDC. Blaming the Delta, they design new restrictions and mandate vaccinations. 

The most desperate authorities are presently to be found in New Zealand who have mandated a (brief) lockdown because one person has tested positive. It is unknown if the person has fallen ill. In any case, no one has died of COVID-19 in New Zealand during the last month and 112 have tested positive in the last month.

We should remember that before it was called Delta, it was called the Indian- variant. It actually originated in India and was probably the only variant they had in India.

Media predicted a catastrophe in India because they had this terrible Delta-variant that was rumoured to be more contagious and more deadly then the original (alfa) variant ( but it has still not happened. 

Deaths per 100.000 inhabitants according to Johns Hopkins 2021-08-15

From these relatively low numbers in India, cases and deaths are presently continuing to decline:
6 times less deaths during the last month than in May,
8 times less deaths during the last week than in the deadliest week in May and
15 times less deaths on the last reported day than on the day with the highest count which was reported on the 10th of June

(For perspective, the current population of India is 1,395,161,030 as of August 15, 2021)