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Will children die from the COVID vaccines?


There are regular reports of deaths around the world caused by the vaccines. Already in January 2021 there was a report from Norway where 13 elderly people died immediately after vaccination.

Since then, reports are pouring in but are not noticed much. For instance, The Swedish Public Health Agency has answers to many questions, but there is nothing about the risks of dying from the vaccinations.

If you search directly on the Swedish Public Health Agency website, the result will be: “No hits on the phrase "death after vaccine" on the entire website.” Neither affirmative nor reassuring.  In the USA there is a public register that monitors developments. Even if these are not entirely reliable data, they are cause for reflection and concern.

Most of the registered cases have occurred within 48 hours after vaccination. Obviously, nobody yet knows much about the long-term effects. 

Since the relatively recent start of vaccination of young people, reports have already been received of 423 serious side effects among 12 - 17 year old teen-agers, of which nine have had a fatal outcome. 

Reports of serious illness and death from vaccines are regularly contradicted by medical authorities. It is difficult to know the facts. Time may tell.