Don't be scared

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Sweden was right!


What would be your fundamental question about the 2020 COVID-19 panic? I propose: How many people died?

Below are the figures for the worst months in Sweden, January – May 2020. These official figures were collected and vetted during June 2020 and published on July 7th, 2020. (The total monthly death count in Sweden is published regularly by the Swedish Official Statistics, always with a little more than one month’s delay.)

Scarab has compiled data from Statistics Sweden.  Figure for June 2020 will be compiled and published in August 2020. 

Indeed, we can see an increase in deaths during the pandemic. But the figures do not confirm the forecasts from WHO and Johns Hopkins that caused worldwide panic, misery and lock-down.

Some are still saying “the worst is yet to come!” But seeing the low accuracy of their earlier predictions there is little reason to believe them now.

WHO and many Governments will claim that lockdowns saved us from disaster. But Sweden had no lockdown – and no disaster.