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The international vaccine campaign has failed

5 August 2021

What is COVID-19?

Anyone who tests positive for the SARS-CoV2 virus is considered to have COVID-19.

Anyone who becomes ill - regardless of illness - and tests positive for SARS-CoV2 is considered to have COVID-19.

Anyone who dies and has tested positive or is suspected of being infected with SARS-Cov2 - regardless of the contributing cause of death - is registered as a death in COVID-19.


Why is COVID-19 so widespread?

It is easy to see that both the numbers for "infected with COVID-19" and the numbers for "ill in COVID-19" and the numbers for "deaths in COVID-19" will be very high if you use the above rules.


When will COVID-19 disappear?

Since all vaccines used so far cannot stop SARS-CoV2 but only relieve the symptoms, the number of infected with COVID-19, sick with COVID-19 and dead with COVID-19 will not decrease until the virus pandemic subsides, which logically will happen when those who are susceptible to the virus have been exposed to it and thereby become immune. This is called herd immunity by the experts.


What is the role of vaccines?

The original purpose of the vaccine campaign was to stop the spread of the virus and at the same time speed up herd immunity so that it would be achieved without so many people having to get ill.

When it turned out that the vaccine did not stop the virus but rather increased the risk of spreading it, the message came that the vaccines alleviated symptoms and prevented death. Naturally, there are no scientific studies on this yet. It was a statement that was hastily created in response to all the criticism of the effectiveness of vaccines.


Why did it go wrong?

The vaccine campaign has failed because it is aimed at a concept and not at a real phenomenon. That is, against a diagnosis and not against a disease.


But it is not hopeless!

The fact that the number of illnesses and deaths is now decreasing is consequently not due to the vaccines. Rather, the reduction in disease and death is due to

1. People who were vulnerable to SARS-CoV2 have already become ill and some of them have died.

2. Large groups have become infected and have therefore developed immunity.

3. Healthcare worldwide has learned how to alleviate and cure COVID-19. Already in spring 2020, there were reports that COVID-19 in the lungs could be treated with cortisone. For such COVID-19, which is not lung-related but has cancer, heart defects and similar serious diseases as the underlying cause, there are a variety of traditional and alternative medicines that have already been used and are used with increasing success.

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