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What is happening in Sweden?

7 January 2022

These days everyone seems to be down in flues and common colds. Instead of giving traditional advice about influenza and colds authorities are desperate and keep pushing vaccines although it is evident that it does not help.  

The COVID-vaccines are meant to stop COVID-19 and not the seasonal influenzas.

To make it even more confusing nobody even claims any longer that the COVID vaccines even stop the spread of COVID-19. Not the local authorities, not WHO and not even the vaccine manufacturers themselves.

Sweden never imposed any lockdowns, nor did Sweden have strict mandates for masks. Instead, Sweden followed the WHO's 2019 pandemic planning guideline, which all  other Western nations seemed to ignore even until this day. Please read the summary recommendations here!

This is one of the most important documents for understanding the panic of the pandemic.

The head of the Swedish Public Health Agency, Anders Tegnell, said the following on TV in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, in April 2020, about the 2019 annual conference on preparedness for pandemics. "Everyone agreed on how to tackle the pandemic" he said, "then everyone went home and did the opposite!" We've written about this in a previous post. 

No one seems to have a good explanation for why the flu disappeared in early 2020 and throughout 2021. Perhaps the best explanation is that it did not disappear but was called COVID-19 during the pandemic.