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From carrot to stick

8 August 2021

From free french fries to lockdowned restaurants. From incentives to enforcement.

In mid-May the Mayor of New York is pure sunshine and offers free carrots, well, free french fries, for those who vaccinate. It did not work out as expected. Now in August he uses the stick. Here is what he says on the 4th of August: “If people want freedom, if people want jobs, if people want to live again, we have got to get more people vaccinated.” He promises to introduce vaccination requirements for public jobs, face masks here and there and other new restrictions. There is no rational justification for these measures in the official statistics.

Restrictions and requirements are not only needed to protect people from infection, but they are needed to force-feed vaccination - even though the vaccines have not been proven to have the intended effect. Read more here: The international vaccine campaign has failed.

Here is de Blasio’s latest pronouncement: NYC to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for indoor dining, fitness and entertainment.

And in the following video you can see how de Blasio in mid-May announces the summer of sunshine that unfortunately now seems to have passed his mind.