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The narrative about COVID-19 in India


Start-up stories from the international news agencies

People are dying in scores

Corpses lie scattered on the street 

Morgues are overfilled

Corpses are stuffed in refrigerated containers or burned on parking lots

Undertakers are overwhelmed 

Doctors are dying

Hospitals are exhausted 

Added zest to the story was a new more infectious and deadly mutation, initially known as the Indian variant, later renamed to Delta.   

Implicit in the story was that the Indian population was poor and uneducated and that the authorities were incompetent and corrupted and that, therefore, the Mother of all Pandemics was approaching – which would then become a vehement threat to all of us in the rest of the World.

In Real Life
The mortality in COVID-19 in India until this day has been 32.88 per 100 000

The infection rates and the mortality is now decreasing in spite of the fact that less than 20 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. 

Compare the development in India to the figures in countries that are generally considered competent and less corrupt and where people are fully vaccinated to a rather high degree:

CountryDeaths per 100 000Percentage fully vaccinated

All figures are from Johns Hopkins on October 5, 2021

It is too early to determine why the divinations of international news agencies were not fulfilled. But it is obvious that the predictions were mistaken. 

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